"To be able to understand, I have destroyed myself. To understand is to forget life," is one of the key sentences recited in English by the dancer Eoin Mac Doncha with equally low voice at the beginning and end of the choreography "Breaking Skin" by Hugo Viera.
From the darkness of the black stage space, he enters with wide steps, groping into the room with his outstretches, flailing arms and splayed fingers. Spastic cramped gestures and head movements like paintings by Egon Schiele characterize his movements - animalistic, striving forward, jerking and twitching, stalking feet on point or half-point, which one also then notices with the other dancers. Again and again, mouths open to silently scream. Two confront each other, foreheads pressed against each other like fighting stags, entanglements of bodies acting torturous, martial, short duet poses in profile are the only moments indicating harmony. Nothing seems natural, everything tormented - but with bizarrely beautiful aesthetics, usually in slow motion. Straining but with an ethereal lightness, an impressive image of humans lining up in rows. The tortured remain alone - also alone is the strong (Gustavo Barros), who gets rid of his lover (Jiwon Kim Doede), in which he also lies on the floor, squashed like an insect.
Intense in conception and execution."  
Marieluise Jeitschko
music by
Valentin Silvestrov
photo: Ida Zenna